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Call: 01476 576090


Our product range

We are specialists in pallet wraps and films, both for hand and machine application. Browse our fantastic product range below

microwrap branded pre-stretched pallet wrap

Microwrap® branded pre-stretched wrap

Pre-stretched wrap is film that has been stretched before wrapping a load. We supply this in hand and machine applied versions. Just some of the benefits are:

  • Less film used, so film costs are greatly reduced (30% cost saving)
  • Better load stabilization
  • More efficient, because fewer revolutions are required to wrap a load, saving you time and money

hand stretch wrap - standard core, offset core, colours

Hand Stretch Wrap

Hand stretch film (sometimes called pallet wrap) is designed specifically to be applied by hand rather than machine.
We specialize in:

  • Blown and cast quality
  • High performance films
  • Microwrap® branded pre-stretched hand wrap

handy wrap and spiral wrap

Handy Wrap and Spiral Wrap

This is hand or machine applied bundling film. We can supply:

  • Blown and cast quality
  • Variety of core types
  • Various colours


machine pallet wrap

Machine Wrap

This is stretch film that is applied by machine. It is usually used in high capacity packaging operations as it provides faster and more efficient packaging.
We are specialist suppliers of:

  • Standard machine film
  • Power and super power prestretch machine film
  • Microwrap® branded pre-stretched wrap

Other Packaging Materials

These include:

  • Edge protectors
  • Top sheets
  • Pallet bags
  • Layer pads
  • Strapping and strapping tools
  • Film dispensers

Did you know we also supply bespoke boxes and complementary packaging products? Coming soon: Our online shop. Check out our sister website, Boxtopia, for a comprehensive list of our complementary products.

We specialise in spiral wrap and pallet wrap products.

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