Call: 01476 576090

Call: 01476 576090

Microwrap® Pre-stretched Pallet Wrap

pallet wrap Specialists in the supply of Microwrap® branded pre-stretched pallet wrap, giving you the choice of…

  • Machine wrap version 450 mm x 3600 m
  • Hand wrap version 400/450 mm x 300/600 m
  • In clear, blue tint and black

All stretch film needs to be stretched to the end of its elasticity prior to wrapping a pallet. If this is not done, then as the goods on the pallet move, the film will stretch and become loose, causing load instability. This does not happen with our branded pallet wrap. Demonstrating the difference between standard and pre-stretched material. Stretching hand film cannot be done consistently when wrapping. By using Microwrap® branded pre-stretched pallet wrap you are getting a consistent stretch, optimising the full elasticity of the film. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. All the film wants to do is “shrink” and tighten on the load. This significantly improves load stability. When stretching film it will “neck down” and become thinner – this has already been done on the pre-stretched material. The machine version should be used on a standard machine wrapper that cannot stretch the material itself, as this has already been done.

Benefits of the Product

  • We guarantee our quality, so you know you won’t be wasting your valuable time handling complaints.
  • Cost saving of 50% on film usage, equating to 30% on cost.
  • Much improved load stabilisation – you know your goods will arrive safely.
  • Quicker to wrap pallets as no stretching required, labour cost (per pallet wrapped) reduced.
  • Pallets do not stick together because the tack is only on one side.
  • Easier for your operator to apply – no stretching, so fewer back aches!
  • Less film for packaging waste regulations.
  • Security (black) so cannot see what products are being transported
  • Choice – specs, quality, core size

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Microwrap are providers of pallet wrapand pallet film

We sell pallet wrap and pallet film. Pallet wrap has many advantages that are listed above and is perfect for a warehouse environment. Often you will find pallet film is exactly what you need, whether you are trying to stop pallets sticking together, or just trying to save some time when you wrap you pallets, pallet wrap ( or pallet film ) is probably what you’re looking for.

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