Call: 01476 576090

Call: 01476 576090

What colour pallet wrap should you use?

Microwrap supplies wrap in four colours; translucent wraps in clear and blue, and matt wraps in black and white. What’s the purpose of the different colours? Well, it depends what you want to do.


Transparent wraps, especially cast wrap which has a clearer, more regular texture, are obviously good for showing you at a glance what’s on the pallet, but in a busy warehouse environment you can go one step further and

Black pallet wrap at Microwrap

Black pallet wrap is ideal for disguising items

use different colours to indicate different things.  Orders to go to different customers, for instance, or similar types of products. The blue wrap also frequently denotes food items.

Pre-stretched clear pallet wrap

Clear pallet wrap helps identify the contents


Our clear wraps are all well and good if you want to see what’s on your pallet, but there are also occasions when you want other people Not to see it. Black and white wraps are completely opaque, so they’re good for those times when you don’t want the contents to be visible. They’re often used when transporting pallets of high-value items like cigarettes or alcohol, to deter potential thieves.  When an entire load of pallets are wrapped in black or white wrap, it’s very hard to work out which of them, if any, contain valuable items.

Matt pallet wrap can also be used to create interest if you’re launching a new product. Wrap the products up and leave them on display to tantalise customers as they wonder what’s coming!

If you have any wrap related questions, please don’t hesitate to give our knowledgeable team a ring, or send in an enquiry here.

Our pallet wrap comes in a variety of colours, and styles. Pallet wrap and pallet film are both available at MicroWrap.

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