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101 Users for Handy Wrap – Part 1

101 Uses for Handy Wrap – Part 1

Handy wrap is like the love child of standard pallet wrap and tape. It works the same way as the full-size wraps but the smaller size makes it ideal for using as a sort of none-stick tape – it holds items together because it sticks to itself, but has no sticky residue or other mark. As such it can be used for all sorts of delicate items as it does no damage to any surface. Here’s some applications for different industires – and at home for that matter!


  • Keep Handy wrap and dispenser at Microwrappiping bundled together and safe from dirt.
  • Have commonly used parts that go together ready-wrapped for the next job.


  • Keep cables and wires in order.
  • Hold multiple fittings together.

Builders and decorators

  • Protect wood pieces, doors, windows or any other components from damage on site.
  • Keep tiles bundled securely together to avoid chipping.
  • Wrap rolls of carpet or flooring for extra protection and ease of carrying.
  • Keep curtain rails, mouldings and other long thin components bundled together.

Artists and designers

  • Canvases both rolled and flat can be bundled individually to avoid damage or marks on-route.
  • Wrap up and label raw materials like card or fabric, with a swatch attached for easy identification, to avoid them getting dusty or dirty.


  • If one of your mirrors takes a knock, wrap it to avoid furHandy wrap in use as protection for pipesther damage.



  • Wrap smaller loads where full-size pallet wrap wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • The smaller width makes it ideal for wrapping curiously shaped loads as well, those with an asymmetrical shape for example.

House moving

  • Rather than sticking things like curtains into a binbag to get crumpled, fold or roll them and bundle them up in handy wrap. They’ll arrive crumple-free and dust free.
  • Piles of magazines or other small publications can be bundled together.
  • Wrap precious pieces of furniture to make sure they don’t get scratched or chipped.

Buy handy wrap online from our sister company Boxtopia

We make a variety of handy wrap and spiral wrap products. Handy Wrap is incredibly handy for packing!

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