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Pallet Wrap is not Shrink Wrap

Pallet Wrap is not Shrink Wrap

One mistake that many people make is to refer to products like pallet wrap/stretch wrap as shrink wrap. We have even met people who work in a warehouse environment, where pallet wrap is frequently used, who refer to it that way! This is erroneous, as shrink wrap is a completely different product with a different set of uses, so the terms should not be used interchangeably.

The main thing you need to bear in mind is, what are you actually looking for? Using shrink wrap when you need stretch wrap simply wouldn’t work and vice versa!

Pallet wrap is usually used to secure loads together on a pallet for transportation or for storage in a warehouse. It comes in machine or hand applied version, and the material requires no special treatment to secure it as it sticks to itself. There are a variety of different types available with different properties depending on what you’re going to wrap, for example, cast or blown quality films, different weights, different colours and perforated wraps. Pallet wrap is not the same as shrink wrap

Shrink wrap (which we do not supply at Microwrap) is a product which is applied, then activated by heat using special equipment in order to attach it securely around an item. Its main purpose is keeping individual products clean and dust-free in storage, and it isn’t usually used to secure loads together – it simply would not be economical, either in amount of material or energy used, to do this!

Pallet wrap is also good for keeping products clean in storage, but doesn’t use any form of heat application so it’s not technically “sealed”. If you think of the type of packaging you see around food, packs of meat for example, this is how shrink wrap works. Quite different from pallet wrap!

Shrink wrap is a useful thing to have, especially if you’re moving home, but remember shrink wrap is not the same as pallet wrap.

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